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i suck

2017-02-28 21:31:47 by Spurta

it's official my dudes

hello again

2017-01-06 17:45:22 by Spurta

i guess im back in business for now

well, shit.

2016-09-24 19:08:42 by Spurta

i'm taking an indefinite break from music production.

haven't really been able to come up with anything lately, and everything i do come up with actually sounds like shit


maybe some other day.

dark humour is like food

2016-08-22 00:36:06 by Spurta

not everyone gets it


2016-08-01 22:22:09 by Spurta

it's fun

back to real production

2016-07-28 07:55:19 by Spurta

oh wow


2016-07-23 19:45:38 by Spurta

whats good man

i wanna hear some spit

2016-07-22 05:04:18 by Spurta


over this of course

new audio project

2016-07-17 17:37:45 by Spurta

deciding to use samples for this one

all praise roots manuva